Pegeia Municipality is the largest municipality in Cyprus in terms of geographic area as it covers an area of 4,552 hectares- a relatively large area for Cyprus standards. Combining spectacular mountain landscapes with crystal blue beaches, Pegeia has managed to establish a strong position in tourism, attracting thousands of international and internal visitors each year. Plus, the presence of a large number of non-native EU citizens and third country nationals permanently residing in the city has contributed to the area’s prosperity and created an additional interest group contesting to influence public policy. Indeed, most inhabitants work in tourism, while many permanent residents are foreign nationals, giving the area a cosmopolitan flair. 

It should also be noticed, that as a municipality of the Mediterranean, Pegeia combines a number of characteristics derived from its quite rich historical background (intangible and tangible heritage), whilst a part of an island that is at the crossover between Europe and Asia. 

Over the past few years, Pegeia strives to fulfill the challenge of addressing a diverse set of interests and expectations for its citizens and area stakeholders. For that reason, is dedicated to constantly promote a vast range of activities and events including the arts, education, sport and social services.  Our experience is derived by the constant challenge of addressing a diverse set of interests and expectations for our citizens and area stakeholders.  At last, due to the fact that the Municipality happens to be a desired touristic destination there is a particular focus on promoting initiatives and public services that can also act positively towards a more ‘’ecologically correct’’ identity which subsequently will add value to Pegeia’s touristic product and its diverse groups of habitants and visitors.

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The Foundation of Knowledge was established in 1994. Its strategic aims are:

  • to support young artists and artistic exhibitions,
    teachers and researchers,
  • to help the publishing of books and magazines,
    other publications,
  • to organize scientific and art conferences,
  • to keep up cultural relations with European nations,
  • to support the studies of talented students.

The Foundation of Knowledge has been doing international project-activities since 2007. It has taken part in more than 70 successful national and international projects as a co-ordinator or a partner. The topics of the projects are basically in connection with culture and education. Among others it has gained project-experiences in the following areas: library science, agriculture (sheep-breeding, bee-keeping, apiteraphy, fish-breeding, setting up educational material for young agriculturists, feeding animals, utilization of whey), country-tourism, organizing course for unemployed women, cultural heritage, history, organizing cultural events, taking part in cultural events, etc.

Sójovem – PORTUGAL

Sójovem Association was born in 1994 in the city of Ermesinde, about 7 km far from the city of Porto, in Portugal.
The main objective is to promote social inclusion and a healthy occupation of  leisure time to its associates, through educational, cultural and sporting activities.
Since its origin, Sójovem has developed numerous activities aimed at the promotion of culture and sport inserted in a healthy lifestyle and with Institute of Employment and Professional Training we develop several training courses in areas related with entrepreneurship, culture and social inclusion for youngers with fewer opportunities.
The Sójovem Association is a member of the Federation of Youth Associations in Oporto district and the National Federation of Youth Associations.
The Association seeks to be an intermediate tool and enabler of conditions and capabilities that put the unemployed of our local communities and our city on the front line in the fight against unemployment and in finding credible and effective solutions in obtaining work that dignifies and inserts the citizen in the active population, making him a growth agent of social and economic development. The project consists in looking at the local economy from those, though wants to participate in the process of production of wealth, were excluded from it: the unemployed. It is in this group that are, in large part, the problems and challenges facing the economy and to society in general and to the community of Ermesinde in particular.
In the technical staff, Sójovem Association has 3 employees, 2 people held jobs stages, 3 more employees to work through the rehabilitation measure on the labor market in collaboration with Institute of Employment and Professional Training.

Fundación Cibervoluntarios ( is a pioneering organization in technological volunteering, whose objective is to alleviate social gaps, generate social innovation and citizen empowerment, promote Human Rights and the achievement of the 2030 Agenda through the social use of ICT. Since 2001, Fundación Cibervoluntarios has been fostering and developing programmes focusing on digital transformation with social impact, expanding the rights, opportunities and capacities of thousands in a situation of digital vulnerability through the use and knowledge of all kinds of technological tools and Digital Skills. To achieve this, our Foundation works with a network of more than 1,800 cybervolunteers and collaborates with more than 1000 national and international entities and organizations. With all our activities we reach 60,000 people annually. A trajectory that has been recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 100 entities that lead Digital Transformation in Europe and more recently by FORBES Magazine as one of the “Other 100 Greatest Fortunes in Spain.