“Europe. The place that gave birth to some of the most important values that shaped our modern society. The place where the term ‘’Western civilization’’ was firstly coined. The place where you can discover so many different cultures, all taking place in a continent just a little larger than Australia itself. Here, you may find yourself drinking epresso at a Roman piazza and exploring local legends at the Transylvanian mountains in Romania at the next moment. That is impressive for such a small piece of land. However, as small as it may be, it is a place of unparalleled beauty, which boasts a huge variety of multicultural, religious and social backgrounds. So how can you explore Europe? Or even better, where in Europe do you want to be? Interrail is the unique and exciting way to get there. What is it though? It is a pass, a train pass that helps you open new doors to new destinations, cultures and friendships all over the continent. You can choose from over 40.000 destinations in 33 countries, designing a European adventure that is personal to you. You create your own story. So, what if your story looked like this?

“You come from London. Just graduated college and you want to take a gap year, starting from Europe. You are so excited about this trip. The Interrail pass is bought, luggage is ready. Next day you are off to the most amazing experience of your life. You arrive at the Liverpool Station. Buy a coffee and make sure you have not forgotten anything. You can see the train approaching the platform. You board, find your seat and breathe a sigh of relief. It is happening. Your journey has officially started. Post punk music plays in your headphones.

Next stop, Paris. The city of love. The train arrives at Gare Du Nord station. Your journey has been long, but you are so delighted to be there. After you make yourself comfortable at the hostel, you are about to explore the city. You literally walked almost half of it. From the Eifel Tower to the Louvre, from the Luxembourg Gardens to Notre Dame. You fall in love with the city lights at night. You fall in love with French wine too. You felt like starring in one of Jean Luc Godard’s films, your favorite French director. Time to rest.

Next stop, Amsterdam. The Venice of the North. Your best friend works there, you missed her a lot. She picks you up from the train station and takes a long walk around the city with you. You even got a bike. You loved the canals, and you took so many pictures of them. Some places reminded you of your hometown. Your day is almost over, but not yet. You still have time for a couple of beers.

Next stop, Berlin. The train arrives at the station. You can barely pronounce its name. It’s raining outside. You get a taxi. The raindrops make it hard for you to see the city. Finally, you are at the hostel. You take a nap. This journey has been a bit tiring. After you got some rest you are about to explore the German capital. The rain is over. You love the smell of wet grass. You take the metro and head right to the Brandenburg Gate. You even grabbed some Pretzels from a street food stall. You loved them. You actually got another one. Berlin became one of your favorite places. In fact, you loved it so much that you decided to extend your time there. You went to museums, galleries, underground bars, parks. You could even create a photo exhibition with all those pictures you took at the Berlin Wall. You enjoyed how multicultural the city was. A melting pot, just like London. Your time there soon comes to an end.

Next stop, Vienna. The city of music, the city of chocolate. You like both, especially chocolate. People say that the journey itself is more important that the destination. You could not have agreed more. You were so taken away by the view of those huge mountains covered in snow. It looked like a Monet painting to you. You loved Vienna and its classical beauty as well. Finally, you got to visit the Schönbrunn palace, a place you always wanted to visit. Your next train to Rome leaves soon. You wish you had more time to explore the city. You promised you would come back; you even got some more chocolate for the rest of your trip.
As it was said already, the next and final stop is Rome. Don’t all roads lead to Rome anyway? Interrail trips are full of surprises. You meet people in the most unexpected ways. You met Javier, an engineering student from Madrid. You met him at the train station. You were lost, almost about to miss your train. You found him, casually drinking his coffee and watching over his phone. You asked for help. You would soon find out that he is also going to the same destination as you. The last journey of your trip would end up being the best one.’’

Why? Just board on a train and you might find your own answer. It is your story. Finish it.”

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